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About Me

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who believes in forming a strong therapeutic bond with my patients. I genuinely want to help you heal, and believe that we can work together to accomplish your goals.  I specialize in trauma therapy and have a special interest in working with women who have been traumatized by emotional, physical or verbal abuse.


I take a holistic approach to therapy, as I believe the mind and body are connected and it is essential to heal and care for both collaboratively. I truly believe that while healing takes time, we can work to set specific goals that will enable you to feel more whole and confident in moving forward with your life.  For the past nine years, I have passionately devoted myself to helping my patients achieve their goals- whether they are big or small- no matter what turns life takes, I am here to help. 



After graduating with my Masters in Social Work from East Carolina University, I began working in a community mental health setting in the rural areas of North Carolina. My focus was on working with children and adults suffering from severe and persistent mental health disorders. I led a team of case managers and case workers in helping these families set goals and support them in reaching their full potential.


This experience prepared me for my next endeavor, also within the community mental health setting, but with a wider variety of varying mental health and substance abuse disorders in the tiny island of Key West. Working in such a tight-knit community, I was able to learn so much from the people who make up this unique, " one human family" (the island's adopted motto" ) destination. My scope of practice began to widen, and I recognized the importance of integrating more of a holistic approach to working with individuals.


Currently, I am residing in Tampa (my hometown),  embarking on a new adventure. I Enjoy helping both individuals and families, in the comfort of their own environments, as a way to encourage those who are in most need of support, but who feel they are unable to, or rather, simply prefer to receive support from the comfort of their own homes (cars, favorite location, phones etc) via teletherapy service.


2012-2017 - Westcare / Guidance Care Center- Key West, FL

2010-2012 - Le Chris Health Systems- New Bern, NC

2010  - East Carolina University- Master of Social Work 

Jessica Langbehn, LCSW

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