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"Teletherapy" - refers to providing therapy through a  live video connection.  Modern technology has enabled us to connect as clinician/client in an easily accessible way, without compromising the quality of services in any way. Research has suggested that this type of format is especially beneficial to those suffering from anxiety, depression and social disorders. The benefit of teletherapy also allows potential clients to connect with a therapist who best serves their needs- regardless of location.

When done correctly, conducting a visit via online video conference doesn't feel at all different than an in-person encounter.

Privacy: I utilize only HIPPA compliant software to conduct your session, and your privacy is of utmost importance to me.  In the initial scheduling stages, you will be given a quick, easy, "how-to" on setting up your video conference. 

Phone/E-mail/Text Messaging - I also offer this service, with some minor stipulations. You will be required to review and sign the privacy disclosure agreement should this be easier and more preferable for you.  Again, this type of method does not compromise the therapeutic quality in any way.


Jessica Langbehn, LCSW

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